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Open Access C&I Business

Businesses and corporates have exhibited a heightened focus on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives, necessitating the integration of sustainable methodologies across their value chain. BluPine Energy offers a comprehensive range of tailored green energy solutions to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) enterprises, facilitating their transition towards achieving net-zero emissions and fulfilling renewable obligations in line with their ESG commitments. These solutions are provided at economically viable rates, ensuring long-term sustainability for businesses while fostering their environmental stewardship.




• Reduces global warming emissions
• Meets ESG Requirements


• Promotes trust in customers
• Enhances Public Relations
• Stimulate the economy
• Create jobs

Open Access C&I Business

The Open Access concept is intended for Industrial and Commercial clients who require electricity directly from the renewable energy generator at a competitive price. Under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the customer pays for the electricity supplied directly from the generator.

BluPine Energy provides clean power to Industrial and Commercial customers through long-term PPAs under the Third Party, Group Captive, or Captive open access model. Our skilled team of professionals can manage the entire implementation of green power projects, from conception to execution and operation. We are a renowned brand that offers the most optimal and customized solutions to our customers.

Lack of Space to Accommodate on-site Solar Plant?

We can offer you an ideal green energy mix (solar and wind) through the open access route to fulfill your renewable energy purchase goals.
BluPine Energy Open Access Model
  • BluPine Energy provides the initial funding required to initiate the open access initiative, facilitating its implementation.
  • A long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is established between the customer and BluPine Energy, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • BluPine Energy applies a fixed tariff for the electricity generated through the open access route, offering transparency and predictability to customers. By offering a competitive tariff compared to the grid, BluPine Energy enables consumers to pay only for the units of electricity they utilize, resulting in immediate cost savings.
  • BluPine Energy ensures reliable power generation through real-time analytics and a remote monitoring system, minimizing the risk of power outages despite the challenges faced at the off-site location.