Driving Positive Change through ESG Leadership


BluPine Energy remains steadfast in its pursuit to establish itself as a frontrunner in the realm of energy and climate transition, guided by an overarching philosophy – “It is Time to Reclaim the Earth.”

We are dedicated to conducting our operations ethically and sustainably, prioritizing the well-being of our employees, the communities we operate in and serve, and the environment.  Collaborating
with our investors, partners, and stakeholders, we are resolute in our endeavour to construct resilient, forward-looking businesses that facilitate an equitable and inclusive transition to a cleaner and greener planet.

“BluPine Energy’s approach to sustainability is woven into its core business operations. We are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and having a meaningful and beneficial impact on the communities in which we operate. Our sustainability goals are completely consistent with the United Nations’17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.”

Here are some of the initiatives
that we have undertaken:

Aligned with SDG 4:
Conducted and completed the on-the-job training for 42 students from ITI at our Bhilwara solar site in Rajasthan. The three-week-long training included both practical and theoretical sessions and each student was trained for 150 man-hours.

Aligned with SDG 15:
100 tree saplings were planted on all solar sites across India. This will offset 2100 Kg of CO2 emissions annually.
“1MW-1Tree.” Under this initiative, we are committed to planting one tree for every megawatt of operational capacity each year on World Environment Day.

Aligned with SDG 12:
We spread awareness about plastic pollution among our colleagues and housekeeping team and also distributed eco-friendly cotton bags.

Aligned with SDG 4 & 5:
We have launched five state-of-the-art skill development centres dedicated to training 120 students on the installation and operation of utility-scale renewable energy projects in India. We have aimed for significant female participation in training programs, empowering women for inclusion in the renewable energy workforce.
Aligned with SDG 5:
We have launched a platform called WiBE – Women in BluPine Energy. WiBE stands out for its unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion within BluPine Energy. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change, designed to empower and uplift women in our organisation.
Not only does it address the professional needs of #women, but it also prioritises their #mental and #physical well-being.
Aligned with SDG 3:
To raise awareness about road safety among our colleagues, we dedicated a whole week to activities focused on communication, engagement, simulation, and learning. The celebration was filled with exciting and informative activities, and colleagues at both the HO and sites participated with great enthusiasm.
Aligned with SDG 3:
We commemorated National Safety Week across our sites in India. Throughout this significant week, we meticulously planned a series of engaging activities and initiatives aimed at instilling a robust safety culture within our organisation. From informative safety training to realistic mock drills, safety talks to fun-filled safety quizzes, and a comprehensive awareness campaign, our goal was clear: to actively involve every colleague and nurture a collective sense of responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment.
Aligned with SDG 3:
We had an enlightening session on breast cancer awareness led by an esteemed doctor. The session delved into crucial topics including symptoms, risk assessment, screening methods, and strategies for reducing the risk of breast cancer. What made this session even more special was that it wasn’t exclusive to our colleagues; we extended the invitation to their spouses and family members as well.